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Come At Me, Crow

This Week’s Blog Covers:

“S5 Ep 7: “The Gift”

S5 Ep 8: “Hardhome”

S5 Ep 9: “The Dance of Dragons”

S5 Ep 10: “Mother’s Mercy”

This Week’s Highlight(s):

In my very first blog, Welcome to the Iron Blog of Braavos, I briefly mentioned watching “Mother’s Mercy” live at the 2015 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival.


Countless times before, I have shared the viewing of Game of Thrones with friends and family. It has always been a collective experience for me. To share the season finale with hundreds of people was absolutely incredible. After about an hour of checking out Billy Joel’s headlining set, I wandered over to the Other tent that was premiering “Mother’s Mercy.” As the crowd formed, we speculated on what would go down in this finale, but no one could have predicted all that would happen. Check out below this fun video I took of the intro to the episode.

Together we experienced the perfect revenge on Meryn Trant, the most satisfying, yet actually depressing, walk of shame, and another mutiny in the Night’s Watch. The most bizarre moment was Meryn Trant’s death backed by Billy Joel’s “Piano Man.” Taylor Brown perfectly describes this experience in his article,

I never expected to see eyes being gouged out alongside the lackadaisical “la de de da” of Billy in the background. But there I was, sitting in a dance tent watching murder while listening to a timeless classic.

This is something that would only happen at Bonnaroo. Collectively, the crowd laughed together, yelled together, and even cried together. My only regret was not thinking quickly enough to capture the reaction of the crowd. It would have been an epic reaction video.


“Mother’s Mercy” actually broke the series’ all-time live viewership record, with 8.11 million watching the initial airing. The cultural phenomenon of Game of Thrones is such an exciting experience, and I have been so glad to be a part of it since the very first episode.

Without a doubt, “Hardhome” features some of the most frightening, nightmare inducing scenes ever. Check out a behind-the-scenes featurette about the making of the Massacre at Hardhome.

This scene is straight of a horror movie. As a first time viewer, I never once suspected something like this. The rising of the wights, left me absolutely speechless. I have to give mad props to Wun Wun, though. This scene reminded me so much of Jurassic Park. 

WunWun trex

I’d like to honor the Maester of the Night’s Watch in my highlights this week. As a mentor to countless generations of men of the Night’s Watch, including both Jon and Sam, Maestor Aemon always spoke wise and true. In my opinion, some of the very best scenes throughout the series have featured Peter Vaughan, whom expertly plays the Maester. His death marks the very first time in the HBO series that an on-screen character has died from old age, peacefully in their bed. Finding out that Aemon had actually denied the throne makes me appreciate his character even more. His choice ensured that he was able to live his days out peacefully at the Wall. His death is very fitting to the life he lived.


This Week’s Lowlife(s):

It’s obvious who the lowlifes of this week are: Stannis and the men of the Night’s Watch. Stannis was correct in saying that he would risk everything for the Iron Throne. The murder of Shireen gives me shivers just at the thought of it. Having to endure it a second time, was even harder. Kerry Ingram, who plays Shireen, was absolutely incredible during her scenes throughout the series. A pure soul was taken from us. I will safely assume, Brienne of Tarth took care of Stannis, despite not seeing the final blow.

The other lowlifes of the week are Allister Thorne and his mutinous members of the Night’s Watch. There are many speculations on Jon Snow’s fate ranging from him warging into Ghost to Melisandre possibly returning him from the dead. Unfortunately, George R.R. Martin and the series’ show-runners Benioff and Weiss probably don’t care how devastated their fans are at this loss. I’ve been able to move on from most of the deaths, but this one hurts the most.


5 thoughts on “Come At Me, Crow

  1. I was Team Baratheon going in on episode 9. I didn’t want Stannis to be king, but I wanted him around. And then he burns Shireen. Oh! Melisandre!!!!! Grrrrrrrr…..

    So, let me ask you… why do you think Thorne waited to kill Jon, instead of just not letting him thru the wall with the Wildlings?


    1. That’s a good question. Given his speech Sunday night, I am starting to think he has a certain conscience about not obeying orders. When he let the Wildings through he was still on auto pilot–Jon’s the commander. But seeing the Wildings, and seeing Jon successful with the conversion of the Wildings, seems to be a bridge too far for good old Aliser. Seems to me in the book they said Thorne was a great trainer of men, but once trained, they hated his guts–that suggests a certain code of ethics in him

      Watching that little Hardhome trailer, I was reminded of how much I liked the kind of electronic music they used to start the action. So much of that section reminded me of Apocalypse Now. The only thing I didn’t like was when the Walkers started coming at us like a video game–better if it reminded us of the human wave charges done by the Chinese in the Korean War.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hardhome really worked for me, but I respect that it didn’t work the same for everyone. My dad really didn’t like the skeleton wights, trying to complain that they wouldn’t hold together without muscles and ligaments.

        Me: DAD! MAGIC!


  2. The death of Aemon really contributed to the bummer-ness going on at Castle Black. I wonder if things would’ve transpired differently if he was still around because he clearly supported Jon and his goals of achieving peace.


  3. I would agree that Stannis deserves to be a lowlife this week, but I think that his mind has been clouded. He has been listening to Melisandre for so long that he may not have had his own free will and thoughts. No one should ever kill a child, but it is something that he may not have had control of.


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