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S6 Ep 1: “The Red Woman”

*Warning! Spoilers Below!*

This week marks the return of the HBO series, Game of Thrones with “The Red Woman.” reports that the highly anticipated season 6 premiere garnered an estimated 7.944 million viewers during its initial telecast. While this may be lower than season 5’s 7.997 million premiere, “The Red Woman” may actually be the most-watched episode of the series with an early estimate of 10.7 million viewers when including the HBO Go and HBO Now apps. Another article revealed that there were even outages across the streaming apps due to an influx of “429,670 daily active users for HBO Now’s iOS app, compared to an average of 195,000 during the weeks leading up to the premiere.” As these streaming apps become increasingly more popular for viewing, it is important to include them in the ratings calculations.

This past Sunday, my fellow Scholars of the Throne and I met at our professor, Dr. Chown’s house for viewing. With the Unsullied caught up, we united as scholars to view “The Red Woman.” We live tweeted  @GoTScholars and will be posting all of our new blogs on Sharing this experience together adds to my growing list of awesome viewing experiences throughout the series.

This Week’s Highlight(s):

It’s without any objection that Brienne of Tarth and Podrick Payne are the highlights of the week. Besides saving the day, I am excited to see what will happen now that Sansa has accepted Brienne’s oath of protection. Despite being forced into literally the worst situations with little prowess on how to handle them, I have always admired Sansa. She is a much stronger Stark than we know. Both Sansa and Brienne are characters that have been building to this moment. Unleashing them will probably result in one of the most epic story arcs of the series. They are smack dab in the middle of the North being hunted by the sadisitic and vengeful Ramsay. There is no help available from the South and they have yet to hear about the mutiny on the Wall. Only time will tell, which unfortunately means I’m back to waiting every week for a new episode.


This Week’s Lowlife(s):

This week’s lowlifes are Ellaria and the Sand Snakes. Dorne became a place that I admired, but with this betrayal, I may not book my flight just yet. Prince Doran, a gentle soul, tried his best to prevent war. He has seen what war does to his people and his country. Ellaria’s murder of Doran shows how far she is willing to go for vengeance. As Ellaria stabs Doran, he warns that his son Trystane will avenge him.


Unfortunately, the Sand Snakes made that impossible when Obara stabbed a spear through the back of his head. What a bummer. Many of my fellow scholars and I were very confused about this sequence overall. reveals the scroll that Doran was reading before his untimely death that fills in many of these plot holes. Check it out here!


Thought Provoking Theme(s):


Without a doubt, Melisandre’s transformation to an old woman was not the facade I was expecting her to reveal. Apparently, this shocker was predicted many years ago by fans. breaks down this shocker based on fan theories developed from the George R.R. Martin’s series and HBO series alike, as well as, cast interviews. Read the highly interesting breakdown here! Whether Melisandre’s powers are in fact bestowed from the Lord of Light remains unknown. I always knew something was off with that lady, but never expected this.


Other interesting story arcs that deal with facade are Arya and Theon. Arya is found in Braavos, blind and begging for Gold Dragons. Is she still Arya, or will her path to no one completely remove the facade of Arya? As for Theon, is this his moment for redemption, or is it all just a facade? The extensive torture that Theon endured as Reek will certainly induce post-traumatic effects, and I question how he will handle it all.

Speaking of Theon, I recently found this nifty Spotify playlist generator in which you discover your Game of Thrones character. Apparently, The White Stripes, Lorde, Daughter, Led Zeppelin, and Blink 182 indicate that my character is Theon Greyjoy…I’m not sure how to feel about it, but it is a sweet, sweet playlist.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 5.39.05 PM.png


13 thoughts on “Party On!

  1. Interesting find on the note about Myrcella–that was a weird development. I wonder where this Brienne/Sansa duo is going? Sansa doesn’t really have much goal other than survival. Is she longing for a teary reunion with Bran/Ricon? I don’t ever remember her even talking to Jon Snow is Season One. So far we haven’t heard a word about what she intends to do to Ramsey or Little Finger for their treachery. I think she needs a plan.

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    1. The only directions Sansa and Co. could go would north to visit the now dead Lord Snow. Since Littlefinger is most likely still sloughing around in King’s Landing, they can’t really go back there.


    2. You’re right that Sansa never really interacted with Jon Snow in the 2 episodes they were both at Winterfell (and neither did she interact with Robb) but we assume that she didn’t have the same warm relationship with Jon the way Arya did (because of the girls, Sansa was the one to more emulate Catelyn. Who had a bias against bastards in general, and Jon in particular.)

      But when Ramsay mentioned to Sansa that her brother was the Lord Commander at the Wall, there was this glimmer of hope in Sansa’s eyes, the realization that she had some family left. (I’m trying to remember if Theon had admitted to Sansa that her little brothers were still alive.)

      Team Sansa’s first step is to keep her from dying of hypothermia.

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      1. While I’m sure Sansa and Jon weren’t the best of buddies, he’s the one living (to her mind,) family member that she knows the location of. Right now her options seem pretty limited- so even if they weren’t that close, he’s still family- and that makes the Wall seem like her safest option. But seriously- step one is getting some warm dry clothes. After wading through that freezing river? Yikes.

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  2. The death of Prince Doran and his son were the worst parts of this episode, partly because of how unimaginatively they were staged. The murder of Trystane in particular was shot in a way that reminded me of Raiders of the Lost Ark and countless other films (and even episode of this series) where someone is shot or stabbed from behind when we were focused on a threat standing in front of them.

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  3. I was intrigued to see that Prince Doran seemed to be freaking HATED by his guards who did nothing to save him. Dorne is starting to feel like Tombstone and it just seems like another plot line of revenge that will screw up the attempt to unify against the White Walkers.

    Trystane died the same exact way Karl the Tanner did courtesy of Jon Snow at Craster’s Keep, btw.

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  4. I think the idea of facades is interesting. It can be linked to people everyday. Some people will put up a false face to pretend that they are not who they claim to be. Melisandre does the same thing with her glamour charm, pretends to be youthful when she is not. It is going to be interesting to see if she will reveal who she really is to someone at Castle Black in the next few episodes.

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  5. I do not have a spotify so I cannot take the “with whom do you listen quiz” which is sad. I suspect my love for super dramatic lyrics (emo bands man..) and my taste for bluegrass would give me Dany. As you know, I was also pumped about the Brienne and Sansa scene. It was just done so well.. with her not knowing exactly how to accept her into her service because.. how would she know she’d become to heir to winterfell?


    1. She;s not heir to Winterfell yet! We still have the lovely Boltons in Winterfell, I’m just waiting for Sansa to kill Ramsay and take the North back. Brienne/Sansa team ftw. The North Remembers.

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  6. Team Sansa needs to get some recruits and take back Winterfell. If you watch Walking Dead, that scene where Carol shows up, kicks ass, and busts her friends out of Terminus is how I think Brienne will lead the re-capture of Winterfell. Then Sansa just walks back in and is like, “I am Sansa Stark, Winterfell is my home, and you can’t stay here.” And then Ramsay is murdered. Boom.


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