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He’s Alive

This Week’s Blog Covers:

S6 Ep 2: “Home”

*WARNING* Spoilers Below!

This week, we continue into no-man’s land. There is something so satisfying about watching season 6 with the readers and the unsullied equally in the dark of what will happen next.

This Week’s Highlight(s):

This week Wun Wun and the Wildlings show up just in time to bring down the traitorous men of the Night’s Watch. Mad props to Wun Wun for the Hulk smash.

[MAIN SPOILERS] Wun Wun Ragdolling the crossbow guy - Imgur

Another giant taking names this week is Ser Gregor. While Qyburn’s mute monster is absolutely terrifying, I really appreciate what he did to that megabro from Flea Bottom. All of Cersei’s enemies better watch out.

[MAIN SPOILERS]Head Smash GIF for the people. - Imgur

This week, we meet up with Bran, Meera, and the Three-Eyed Raven. We find Bran in a vision with the Three-Eyed Raven. I really enjoyed this glimpse into the past and the parallel between young Eddard’s training of Benjen to Jon Snow’s training of Olly in Season 5’s “The Wars to Come.” It just makes Olly’s betrayal hurt that much more.


I drink and I know things – Tyrion Lannister

We find Grey Worm, Missandei, Varys, and Tyrion discussing the state of Meereen and the other slaver nations. The Masters have retaken both Astapor and Yunkai, the Sons of the Harpy are still a major threat, and Dany is no where to be found. Tyrion comes up with the bold plan of releasing the dragons, Rhaegal and Viserion. This exhilarating scene was spectacularly done.


This Week’s Lowlife(s):

This week, Ramsay got worse. The writers truly have twisted imaginations. During my first viewing of this scene, I didn’t even know who stabbed who. It was all such a shock. It was all very fitting for Roose Bolton, as his hug with Robb Stark ended the same gruesome way. As for what Ramsay did to Walda, I have very little words. This was the first time that I have actually cried while watching this show. While this is not the first instance of infanticide, this scene was almost unbearable. With the backing of the Karstarck’s, the Manderly’s, and the Umber’s, Ramsay Bolton will be causing a lot more stress for us throughout the season. Also, many are speculating that Rickon and Osha sought refuge at Last Hearth, which is maintained by House Umber. We’ll have to wait and see if anything comes from that. We haven’t seen them since season 3.


Thought Provoking Theme(s):

Yes. Jon Snow is alive!!! Entertainment Weekly will be coming out with its issue featuring Kit Harrington and the return of Jon Snow this Friday. I always had a feeling that he would return. I really appreciate how well Game of Thrones kept this secret under wraps. Only one image surfaced since the shocking season 5 finale, but nothing that could 100% confirm his return until the episode premiered. Ghost and I share in our excitement for his return and that the R + L = J theory is really starting to heat up.


However I must admit, Jon’s resurrection has me feeling a tad bit nervous. Dan Selcke from did a great write up about the use of resurrection and its consequences. Selcke references a 2011 interview with Martin with Bullseye with Jesse Thorn. Martin talks about his use of resurrection and its consequences.

My characters who come back from death are worse for wear. In some ways, they’re not even the same characters anymore. The body may be moving, but some aspect of the spirit is changed or transformed, and they’ve lost something. -George R.R. Martin

Unfortunately, we must wait another week for GoT to answer all of our lingering questions and worries.

10 thoughts on “He’s Alive

  1. I think that might be wishful thinking that it will take an episode to find some answers. The way this show goes, it takes at least two or three usually. But I guess you never know.
    In other news, I’ve wondered quite a few times about whether Osha and Rickon will ever show up again. They’ve gone completely MIA, which is a little strange considering the focus the Starks have always had in this series.

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  2. I hope Jon is “worse for wear.” I have never been very impressed by this character’s arc or Kit Harrington’s portrayal of him. Maybe some baggage from being dead will make him more interesting.

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  3. I really enjoyed your quote from G.R.R.M. I’ve been curious as to whether or not Jon will have some kind of disability or change from being resurrected. He just can’t come back 100% right? I also enjoyed your section about Walda. It was bad to watch, but I’m wondering how much further they will go with Ramsay. We’ve seen how cruel he’s been, but it’s slowly becoming too much for me as a viewer. I understand he’s supposed to be a terrible person, but how long till viewers are fed up because they get that he’s a bad person. Interested to see how this plays out moving forward.

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  4. Interesting quotation from G.R.R.M! It has me wondering about how Jon will be effected from being brought back from the dead. However, the show is now ahead of the books- so maybe HBO’s Jon Snow isn’t going to come back as changed as G.R.R.M would like…who knows!
    I also love your description of the “megabro” drinking in Fleabottom, When that scene started I definitely thought- “this is like every conceited drunk bro bragging story ever.” I guess all the “megabros” out there should be glad the mountain isn’t hanging around every bar in America. 😛

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  5. Very interesting links. I guess we find out this Sunday if Jon has any lingering body incapacitation, but in the mean time I am thinking a bit about the variety of blows to the body that characters suffer on this show: Jaime loses a hand, Theon loses genitals, Daenerys can’t have children, Arya loses sight, Bran can’t walk–in the book Tyrion loses half his face. These are the main characters and they are all damaged in some way. If Jesus said the meek shall inherit the earth, then George R.R. Martin says the maimed will inherit it–of come back as a White Walker!

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  6. People never come back the same I think it is going to be a mess, But hey, I was one of the people who thought he wasn’t going to come back so I might be a pessimist about this. It forces us to open up to a whole new realm of possibilities.


  7. Yeah I want to know what’s going to be up with Jon. With the Brotherhood Without Banners dude, he just retained the scars and lost some memory. Right? So I don’t think Jon will be totally messed up, I just think he’ll have stab scars and lose some memory.

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  8. Even though I ranted for way to long about dragon colors, I also found that scene with Tyrion really cool.

    Especially in King’s Landing gossip seems to be like sustenance to the people. And after what happened to Cersei you knew people would conflate and twist what happened. So it was nice to see some repercussions for it. Even though the Mountain is kinda creepy. (His demeanor kind of makes me think of an orc.)


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