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Hold the Door!

This Week’s Blog Covers:

S6 Ep 4: “Book of the Stranger”

S6 Ep 5: “Home”

*WARNING* Spoilers Below!

Back at it again with the two newest episodes of HBO’s Game of Thrones. 

“Book of the Stranger” was full of sibling reunions. Each featuring a strong female kicking their brother into gear. After so many close encounters, like Arya arriving moments after the Red Wedding commenced, as well as, Bran’s almost reunion with Jon at Craster’s Keep, we finally see some highly satisfying reunions.


We see Theon arrive back at home to a reluctant Yara. Theon promises that he will stand by Yara’s side during the Kingsmoot. We also see Margaery reunite with Loras. She encourages him to be strong. She realizes that the High Sparrow is attempting to use the reunion as a way to break them even farther. If Loras can stay strong, the uniting forces of the Lannisters and the Tyrells may have a chance to be successful in their attack of the High Sparrow. I’m really hoping to see Margaery gain some redemption, along with Sansa.

The Sansa/Jon reunion was perfect. This was the very first scene of the entire series in which Jon and Sansa have actually shared the screen. This scene also stands as the first Stark reunion (kind of, sort of) since the season 1 beheading of Ned and the separation of Rickon and Bran at the end of season 3. I love that Sansa was the one to finish reading the letter from Ramsay. It really is her asserting how strong she is becoming. Although the bastard letter seemed pretty threatening, I feel like we will see the weakening of the Bolton house soon, Ramsay specifically. The only people that are fighting for Ramsay have essentially been intimidated into serving him.


The budding romance between Tormund and Brienne is pretty epic and catching the attention of fans everywhere. Even though Brienne has been ridiculed for years due to her stature and ability to outdo most men in combat, Tormund and the Wildlings have always heralded women that are strong warriors, like Yrgritte and Karsi. It’s honestly a perfect matchup. features some of the best Briemund meme and videos around. Check them out here!

During the khalar vezhven, all of the khals gather. Khal Moro declares that all of his men and even his horses will rape Dany for her insolence. Dany knocks down the braziers in the hut, the fire spreads rapidly and the khals can’t escape because the only door has been barred shut.


Outside there are thousands of bloodriders and dosh khaleen that bow to Dany has she emerges from the flames. I couldn’t help but think of Stephen King’s Carrie during this entire scene. Dany has been reborn amid fire and Jon was reborn amid ice. Both Jon and Dany have been now prophesied as being Azor Ahai.


While I am understandably weary of Tyrion’s invitation of Kinvara, the High Priestess of the Red Temple of Volantis, what she knew about Varys and the “second-rate sorcerer” who emasculated him with blood magic urges me to want to keep her around. Seeing Varys so uncharacteristically shaken like that is interesting. I’d like to find out what else she knows.

The reveal of how the White Walkers were created had me very surprised. The Children of the Forest actually created the White Walkers by stabbing a human in the chest with dragonglass. I’m also inclined to believe that below is another way in which the White Walkers could have been created.


Weapons of war get worse and worse through the ages. From the inventions of guns to fighter planes to atomic bombs, wars are always about who has the better more effective weapons. White Walkers are an ultimate weapon; they have been described as a race of living weapons. It is interesting to note that the White Walkers are now wearing armor. After Samwell and Jon both killed a White Walker each, I think they are realizing that they are not as unbeatable as they thought.

When Bran wargs back into the Weirwood tree without the Three-Eyed Raven. He finds the army of the dead. Slowly making his way through, Bran finds the Night King and three other White Walkers. The Night King can actually see Bran. He grabs Bran’s arm, effectively placing a tracking device on him. As the Army of the Dead amasses Bran is still warging inside the past. Bran hears Meera’s cries as the White Walkers and the Wights take over the Weirwood Tree. I’m not entirely sure and there has been a lot of discussion of whether Bran wargs into Hodor (present) and Wylis (past) simultaneously or if Wylis went into a seizure because of he could feel and hear his gruesome death as Bran warned into Hodor while in the past.

Either way, this causal loop creates Hodor’s destiny. This makes me wonder what other events Bran caused while using his Greensight visions. Due to his habit of not following the rules, I think we are bound to see more complications from Bran.


Behind the scenes with HBO. It takes a deeper look into how the White Walkers were created and the heartbreaking moment of when Wylis becomes Hodor.

I know it’s too soon, but…


One thought on “Hold the Door!

  1. Glad you’re back! I think there’s a lot of discussion right now about the possibility that Bran’s screwing around in time travel had something to do with the voices the Mad King was hearing. That’s getting a little deep for me. My big issue is: Is Hodor going to become a white walker now? Nobody burned his corpse I take it. Liked those memes.


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